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Live Melkweg, Amsterdam
photo's + setlists + video
audio + video rec. by VPRO
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Live Vera, Groningen 
Real Audio

Wire - Reuters
Live Hof ter Lo, Antwerpen
Real Audio Dome
Live Paradiso Amsterdam
26-2-1989 + photo's
Real Audio WIR - Interview
Real Audio Graham Lewis - Interview
Real Audio Colin Newman - Interview
May, 1988
Real Audio B. C. Gilbert - Off Station
Interview + Live-concert
Impakt Festival, Utrecht 8-5-1997
Real Audio Wire - Live
London, 1978
Real Audio Wire - Live
Tiffany's, Hull 3-7-1979
Real Audio Wire - Live
Museum of Modern Art,
Oxford 7-6-1985
Real Audio Wire - Live
Paradiso, Amsterdam 17-12-1985
part 1, 2
Real Audio Wire - Live
Melkweg, Amsterdam 22-10-1986
Real Audio Wire - Live
Roxy, Amsterdam 2-11-1987
Real Audio Colin Newman - Live
Paradiso, Amsterdam, 14-5-1988
part 1, 2
Real Audio Wire non-stop
Radio 100: 19-12-1990
part 1, 2

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